Texas is Getting Bigger by the Houses


Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of people choosing to call it home. The Lone Star State is the fastest-growing state in America, with a population of nearly 29 million. However, there are only about 12 people per square mile! What is lacking in density and landmass for new residents to inhabit...is made up for by constructing hundreds of thousands of homes each year--more than any other U.S. state over the last decade (and this trend doesn't show signs slowing down).

To understand Texas's recent boomtown status, you have to go back a few years. Coming out of the Great Recession, Texans embarked on an incredible binge period where so much housing construction happened. No US State has built as many houses since then; more than 500 thousand were constructed between 2010 and 2015 alone.

To put this in perspective, this is almost twice as many new homes and population growth as California, a state with over 10 million more people! Among the top-20 metropolitan areas with the newest homes in 2019, California only has a single city (Los Angeles), compared to Texas with four (Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio).

Why is Texas so popular?


Texas is not only an excellent place to live but it's also a lucrative spot for businesses. Tesla, Samsung and Oracle are just a few of the well-established companies that have moved their headquarters or invested in Texas recently.

Silicon Valley used to get all the rave, now its counterpart on the Gulf Coast has got some serious tech chops too; from housing one of America’s highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies and emerging start-ups alike, attracting major international players like Google with $250 million investment into SpaceX this year alone – as well as being home base for those aforementioned mega multinational corporations (Tesla Motors Inc., Samsung Electronics Co Ltd)


The Lone star state still ranks high on the affordability scale despite its growth, and it retains a less-hectic lifestyle than some of the more populous states.

Texas has long been considered a great place to live because of the moderate climate and low cost of living, but it's influx of jobs coming from all over the world also contributes to a large number of new residents. It may seem contradictory that this would happen at such a rapid pace while maintaining affordability. After all, housing prices are skyrocketing across Texas as fast as anywhere else! According to reports by Forbes Magazine, Austin remains among "America's Top 10 Most Affordable Cities," so you can enjoy both high standards for your money and economic opportunity too--a rare combination indeed!

Low Taxes

In Texas, there is no personal state income tax but the property taxes are a major gripe among homeowners. Overall, only five states have lower individual taxation than Texas with its disproportionate take from property taxes. This week, legislators cut more than $1 billion off proposed business taxes for companies in this great American state of ours!

You Want City Life? Take Your Pick

One of the many perks that make Texas such a great state is its diverse and vibrant cities. From San Antonio to Houston, DFW or Austin; you can't go wrong with whichever city you choose!

Texas has plenty of big metro areas for those looking for adventure in their life. You won't be bored when choosing between Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Austin, San Antonio, or even Houston, there is always something new happening wherever you go!

Fewer Rules

Texas is the epitome of laissez-faire living. With little to no government intervention, Texans are free to live their lives as they see fit - without fear that someone will stand in the way or help them along if need be. The classic social contract here seems clear: "We're not going to do a ton for you but we won't get in your way either."

Southern Hospitality

Texas is a state with an attitude. Known for its down-to-earth inhabitants- who are easy to get along with- it's no wonder Texans take their home and pride so seriously. Make sure to not be fooled by this unpretentious exterior - Texans never hesitate to put you in your place!

Texas has long been known as the “unpretentious” place where people are friendly enough that they'll even invite strangers into their homes without hesitation (and then maybe feed them some mouth-watering BBQ). It should come as no surprise that most Texans have an unmatched love for Lone Star State.

Once a Texan, Always a Texan

Texas is the most "sticky" state in America. The latest research from Pew suggests that three-quarters of native Texans still live there with a growing number of new residents!

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